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16 March 2007 @ 03:07 pm
Support Snape? - 'Cult of Snape' T-shirt shop now open!  
Want Snape t-shirts? Want Slytherin t-shirts? What something to wear to the HP cons?

Check out..

Cult of Snape

You'll experience a religious epiphany and ecstasy as you don your Snape wear and bask in the pride and glory in the rapture that his He - while the general public looks at you aghast, befuddled or bemused. ;) But hey, all Cults are always sooo misunderstood! :-P

Obviously, you will find t-shirts -- and more than likely other accessories -- all glorifying Our Royal Half-Blood Prince and Master - as well as Slytherin items (coming soon.) The shirts showcased are for Women's sizes. Women who require more generous PLUS size are free to email me to request any tee they like. Apparently, CafePress just come out with additional additional plus size shirts - a circle neck and v neck variety. You got kids? You want to start them early on their Snape endoctrination? Then see the previous link. Also, any men who are interested (nay, is that possible??), should also email me for a request, and I will add men's tees per your slogan request.

The store is by no means finished. Infact, I haven't even announced it to the public but sooomehow... people have already managed to meander in and procure their t-shirts (much to my delight!) So, feel free to peruse and help yourself. :)

In the coming weeks, I will be adding more slogans - I'm transferring a lot of the slogans I created on Spreadshirt to CafePress - and there are a lot of them. So, I'm getting them up on Cafepress little bit by little bit.

If CafePress ever gets it's act together and offers short sleeved t-shirts with printings for the BACK as well as front of a t-shirt, (Eh hem. Why haven't they done this yet.. GRRrrr.. Sloow pokes.) I will be adding Snape slogan shirts that correspond to several HP conventions that are coming up.

Feel free to spread the word about your LJ or whereever.


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