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25 August 2009 @ 01:07 pm
Ah, cool:) A fan club for my favorite harry potter character. He's not evil. I don't support evil people. And snape's my favorite character, so he can't be evil^^
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05 September 2007 @ 09:31 am
 My friend is a real funny chick. Back when I read DH for the first time and after I finished it, she came over and said, "I haven't seen you for three days. You haven't called your boyfriend. Whats wrong with you?" And I told her nothing was wrong, and when she wouldn't believe me, she kept pestering me. "There's something wrong, " she said. And I shouted:

She just laughed at me and then turned around and said, "You'll get over it." She went back to Brisbane that week and sent me a text messgae saying things would work out.

Then, yesterday afternoon mum handed me a letter...and I laughed because I knew it was from her.

Ends up she felt so sorry for me that she wrote this and gave it to my mum, who gave it to me yesterday. I laughed so much and when I rang her and said she made me feel happy, she just said, "You deserve it, Fangirl!"
02 September 2007 @ 03:57 pm
Like the resurrection of Snape through the unwavering belief of His most faithful, loyal and devoted fandom -- like the phoenix rising from the ashes to live yet another day -- The Cult of Snape is back - under it's new unplottable HQ.

Worship and Wear clothing and accessories that show your Snape Pride!

Cult of Snape II now has Snape Mourning and Death Denial apparel. This new collection is located on the main page. 'Good Night Dark Prince', 'Long Live the Half-Blood Prince', 'Snape is Dead: But Fanfiction is Afterlife' and 'Severus Snape: ALWAYS' are just some of the new shirts up. Check back for more periodically!

To find all the other snarky tees that were on the previous site, click on the 'Women's Regular T-Shirt' image.

Also... the SS/LE SHIP will be setting full sail here (for those of you who buy the entire package from JKR) - but other SHIPS will also be sailing in the harbor as well.

Cult of Snape II is a clothing (and soon to be accessory) site dedicated in memoriam to Severus Snape and to not let his supposed 'death' by his ignorant creatrix be in vain. All Hail, the Half-blood Prince, Ex-Professor and Potions Master, Ex-Double Agent and Headmaster of Hogwarts. Even if JKR has smote him down, YOU can continue to proudly wear Him on your sleeve and keep The Master alive and well in our hearts!

KEEP THE FAITH! Worship and wear!

Be sure to bookmark Cult of Snape II as the old site location will be going away in a month or so!

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06 July 2007 @ 05:42 pm
Someone please help I'm in a bit of a panic, what exact date does the movie come out?

I live in Belfast, Ireland and because of the stupid 12th and 13th of July which is a public holiday here, marching season, anniversary of the battle of the boyne. I'm terrified the cinemas won't actually be open. Does anyone know about this? Please put my mind at rest !!!!
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06 July 2007 @ 05:20 pm
One of the big complaints I have heard about the movies is the neglect of the adult actors and judging by the reviews of OotP this movie looks to be no different:

Bonham Carter was said to be a "shining but underused talent".

Variety also praised Alan Rickman's portrayal of Severus Snape, writing that he "may have outdone himself; seldom has an actor done more with less than he does here".

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Phoenix is "quite possibly the least enjoyable of the [series] so far". The review also criticized the underuse of the "cream of British acting", noting the brief appearances of Maggie Smith, Bonham Carter, Emma Thompson, David Thewlis, Richard Griffiths, and Julie Walters.

I must admit I've noticed this to be a big thing throughout the movies that they have left out key scenes in favor of more minor moments with the much younger actors.

An example for this would be the drawn out Yule ball and yet in the deleted scenes on the DVD of GoF they left out the confrontation between Snape and Karkaroff. Also in PoA for the non reader the revelation of Sirius and Pettigrew would have been really hard to follow because the film makers devoted such little time to it in favor of random images of the whomping willow.

I must wonder how the death of Sirius is going to be shown as a big impact on Harry when their relationship has not been better fleshed out in the movie, and practically ignored in GoF.

Don't get me I know the novel like the film is primarily centered around the three younger leads but I just do not think they have found the right balance and I find it so frustrating when such important and in my view better characters such as Snape and Dumbledore are not given enough time to fully developed their character. I'm just glad I have read the books and can see the complexity of these characters ignored in the movies.

What about the rest of yous? Have you seen the same problem? Do you think they have found the balance? and if they haven't is there a solution baring in mind there is a limited amount of time in a film compared to to a book?
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22 April 2007 @ 10:20 pm
Guys...we REALLY need your help! Just fill in this quick survey...time is running out.

11 April 2007 @ 01:27 pm
x-posted to other Severus Snape Communities...

Knight Bus Tour Schedule

Coming to your town? Go show your support and trust of Severus!!!!!
Want Snape t-shirts? Want Slytherin t-shirts? What something to wear to the HP cons?

Check out..

Cult of Snape

You'll experience a religious epiphany and ecstasy as you don your Snape wear and bask in the pride and glory in the rapture that his He - while the general public looks at you aghast, befuddled or bemused. ;) But hey, all Cults are always sooo misunderstood! :-P

Obviously, you will find t-shirts -- and more than likely other accessories -- all glorifying Our Royal Half-Blood Prince and Master - as well as Slytherin items (coming soon.) The shirts showcased are for Women's sizes. Women who require more generous PLUS size are free to email me to request any tee they like. Apparently, CafePress just come out with additional additional plus size shirts - a circle neck and v neck variety. You got kids? You want to start them early on their Snape endoctrination? Then see the previous link. Also, any men who are interested (nay, is that possible??), should also email me for a request, and I will add men's tees per your slogan request.

The store is by no means finished. Infact, I haven't even announced it to the public but sooomehow... people have already managed to meander in and procure their t-shirts (much to my delight!) So, feel free to peruse and help yourself. :)

In the coming weeks, I will be adding more slogans - I'm transferring a lot of the slogans I created on Spreadshirt to CafePress - and there are a lot of them. So, I'm getting them up on Cafepress little bit by little bit.

If CafePress ever gets it's act together and offers short sleeved t-shirts with printings for the BACK as well as front of a t-shirt, (Eh hem. Why haven't they done this yet.. GRRrrr.. Sloow pokes.) I will be adding Snape slogan shirts that correspond to several HP conventions that are coming up.

Feel free to spread the word about your LJ or whereever.


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30 January 2007 @ 07:47 pm
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Think you're a Slythinclaw like Severus Snape? Then check out hybrid_sorting and send in an application! Rather than being sorted into the four canon Houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, etc.) of Harry Potter you get sorted into the hybrid House that most suits your personality. You can be a Gryffinclaw, Huffledor, Slythindor, Ravenpuff, Slythinpuff or Slythinclaw. We have loads of things you can join in on, so hurry and apply today! Hope to see you there!