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Nuff Said.

Because he's not rreally evil, is he?
Welcome to SupportSeverus, in its online home at livejournal.com, it’s real life home is in the hearts of all it’s members and everyone who believes that Severus is not evil. I know that we are all really upset the Ms. Rowling lead us all to believe that Snape was working for the Dark Lord in the sixth book. We would like very much to believe that he is working for the Order, and therefore, we will support him and chat about our theories here.

This is the first really popular community that I have run. I have a fabulous co-maintainer, trekkiegrrl, who is amazingly awesome, you should go look at some of her Snarry renders in her journal, because they are fabulous and tell her how fantastic she is, and I want to thank her for her support.